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QuestionsCategory: BIOSTAR
What are the Rules and Purpose of this Forum
Closedfitzgepe@nih.gov answered 1 year ago • 
1891 views1 answers0 votes
Local vs. global alignment
Answeredstonelakeak@nih.gov answered 10 months ago • 
893 views1 answers0 votes
Issues installing jellyfish in a PC computer
Openalvaradohernab2@nih.gov asked 11 months ago • 
338 views0 answers0 votes
Issues with installing jellyfish on a MAC computer
Answeredalvaradohernab2@nih.gov answered 10 months ago • 
380 views2 answers0 votes
Lecture recording and notes
Resolvedstonelakeak@nih.gov answered 11 months ago • 
329 views1 answers0 votes
CSVKit issue in biowulf
Answeredfitzgepe@nih.gov answered 11 months ago • 
387 views1 answers0 votes
Error using parallel tool for fast-dump
Answeredstonelakeak@nih.gov answered 11 months ago • 
336 views1 answers0 votes
How to quickly activate bioinfo in biowulf?
Resolvedtillodc@nih.gov answered 11 months ago • 
363 views1 answers0 votes
Error in library(DESeq)
Resolvedstonelakeak@nih.gov answered 12 months ago • 
887 views1 answers0 votes
what does -f stand for in the bash profile setup?
Answeredtillodc@nih.gov answered 12 months ago • 
368 views1 answers0 votes
how to use commend lines to do data analysis?
Answeredstonelakeak@nih.gov answered 12 months ago • 
316 views1 answers0 votes
Can you recover a removed file after issuing the rm command?
Resolvedmcintoshc@nih.gov answered 12 months ago • 
393 views1 answers0 votes
Customizing your terminal prompt?
Answeredmcintoshc@nih.gov answered 12 months ago • 
350 views1 answers0 votes