Bioinformatics support to CCR investigators is provided by:

  • CCR Collaborative Bioinformatics Resource (CCBR)
    The CCR Collaborative Bioinformatics Resource (CCBR) is a resource group which provides a mechanism for CCR researchers to obtain many different types of bioinformatics assistance to further their research goals. The group has expertise in a broad range of bioinformatics topics, and as such, its goal is to provide a simplified central access point for CCR researchers.
  • Genome Analysis Unit (GAU)
    The Genome Analysis Unit provides customized support to CCR investigators via collaborative agreements. Additionally, GAU manages the Bioinformatics Training and Education Program (BTEP).
  • Research Design Consultation for Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics (via CBIIT Solutions)
    A team of scientists and post-doctoral fellows have extensive experience helping NCI researchers solve a wide variety of bioinformatics and computational genomics problems. They can help you design your research study to incorporate and maximize the capabilities these new tools and technologies offer.