Are you new to using Partek® Flow® bioinformatic software or need to brush up on your skills? Then join this online training series where a Partek expert will teach you how to use Partek Flow and go over best practices. Join each session or just those of interest.

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Tuesday, March 30, 1 PM – Partek Flow Basic Components

  • How to transfer files to Flow server
  • Import data to a project (fastq, bam, bcl, .txt, .h5, seurat object)
  • Sample attribute management
  • Project management (task log, sharing, task details, project and data export, and importing and re-using pipelines)
  • Library file management
  • Gene list management


Thursday, April 1, 1 PM – Bulk RNA-Seq Data Analysis

  • QA/QC
  • Trimming bases and filtering reads
  • Alignment
  • Quantification
  • Filtering features and normalization
  • Differential analysis
  • Alternative splicing detection
  • Biological interpretation
  • Data visualization: PCA scatterplot, volcano plot, heatmap, dot plot, chromosome view etc.


Tuesday, April 6, 1 PM – Single Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis: Basic Functions for a Single Sample

  • Single cell QA/QC (QC cells and filter, QC features and filter)
  • Normalization methods
  • Dimension reduction methods (PCA, tSNE, UMAP)
  • Clustering analysis (Graph-based clustering, K-means clustering)
  • Cell type classification in Data Viewer
  • Visualization: scatterplot, violin plot
  • Trajectory analysis


Thursday, April 8, 1 PM – Single Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis: Advanced Functions for Multiple Samples

  • Batch removal methods
  • Differential analysis
  • Sample composition analysis
  • Pseudo bulk analysis
  • Visualizartion: dot plot, box plot, violin plot, volcano plot, heatmap, bubble map, bar chart, pie chart
  • Spatial transcriptome
  • CITE-Seq data analysis


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