The overarching mission of the Bioinformatics Training and Education Program (BTEP) is to disseminate information and best practices related to understanding concepts for data analysis and application of bioinformatics tools to extract meaningful results from research data. BTEP attempts to organize comprehensive bioinformatics training events that benefit the diverse scientific community across CCR, and achieves this through a multi-pronged approach of scheduling seminars, webinars, and workshops by experts (both within and outside of NIH) on relevant bioinformatics topics.

One of the primary and most effective ways has been to collaborate with analysts using open-source software, as well as representatives for commercial packages (licensed by CCR/NCI/NIH), to organize training on bioinformatics tools that would be useful for the CCR scientific community. The training sessions can be in multiple formats depending on the needs of the software. The most common format is a hands-on workshop that is generally limited to 25 students, with preference being given to CCR personnel. Other formats, as mentioned, include informational seminars, introductory webinars and more comprehensive talks, based on various criteria related to the software tool and logistics.