Welcome to RNA-SEQ WEEKS! (it’s like Shark week but without the Sharks…/\…/\…)

We will be showcasing several platforms available to NCI CCR researchers for analysis of bulk RNA-SEQ data. You will be treated to a presentation of a real data set analysis on each platform, so you can see all the features and help decide which platform is best for you. Additionally, there will be an overview of RNA-Seq analysis, including wet lab methods, data analysis, and tips and tricks for best results.

Our presentations will help to answer the following questions.

1. What resources are available to me to analyze my RNA-Seq data and how do I choose which is “best”?
2. How do I access this platform? (CCR license, Biowulf, Cloud, other)
3. What is the starting point for analysis on the platform? FASTQ files or gene counts or something else?
4. What is the end point of the analysis on the platform? Does it do genome or transcriptome alignment, quantification (gene counts), differential expression and/or pathway analysis?
5. Do I need to know “how to code” to use the platform? If so, what skills do I need for example Unix command line, R, Python or other?
6. Can this platform produce publication-ready graphics of my data?

Past Events:

  1. Thursday, Nov 5 @ 1 PM, Recording, Intro To RNA-Seq Analysis, Part 1, Link to class page and slides
  2. Tuesday, Nov 10 @ 1 PM, Recording, Intro to RNA-Seq Analysis, Part 2, Link to class page and slides
  3. Thursday, Nov 19 @ 1 PM, Qiagen IPA , Recording

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, Dec 3 @ 1 PM, RNA-Seq Analysis on the DNAnexus platform, Register
Thursday, Dec 10 @ 1 PM, CCBR-Pipeliner for analysis of RNA-Seq data
Thursday, Dec 17 @ 1 PM, Bulk RNA-Seq Analysis on the NIDAP platform