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Hi everyone! My name is Mythili Merchant and I am a postbac in Dr. Jing Wu’s lab at the Neuro-Oncology Branch in Bethesda! My projects are mainly focused on understanding the landscape of gliomas and development of therapeutics.
I have enjoyed bioinformatics for a long time, but have always focused on using GUI for database mining mainly to characterize functions of hypothetical genes. However, I have been hoping to learn more about working with NGS data and to learn how to analyze and use it. Also, hoping to pick up some other useful skills along the way!
Looking forward to getting to know everyone! See you all on Thursday at 3 pm.

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Hi Mythili,
Welcome to the Bioinformatics for Beginners Class – we are happy to have you here. There are lots of GUI bioinformatics software. We’ll talk about these a bit, and also have you learn to work at the command line so you can access the multitude of unix based analysis tools available. Thanks!