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Hi All,
I’ve tried the Using Makefiles: What is a makefile section but was unable to execute the “foo” and “bar” targets properly. I have attached a screen grab of what I tried to do. I kept getting a command not found error..
Does anyone know where I went wrong? I’ve tried adding ‘makefile’ in front and I get the same error message.
Thanks in advance! Jo

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Best Answer Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Jo,
Using and writing Makefiles is a bit more of an advanced concept and is something that won’t be covered in great detail at this stage of the course. 
All you need to know for now is that Makefiles are not commands to write on the command line, but rather, they are files that you write that contains instructions (“targets”) that tell the computer to do things (think of a Makefile as a collection of commands or scripts contained in a single file).
There are many ways that bioinformaticians keep track of and organize their work/analyses, and Makefiles are one of them.