QuestionsCategory: BIOSTARhow to use commend lines to do data analysis? asked 1 year ago

Hi there,
I have two questions:

  1. I just copy from biostar and paste them into terminal and ran well with those commends according to biostar book But I still do not know how to do them by myself. Do you guys have any good suggestions about what I should do to learn the knowledge from the book to use for my own use? instead of copy and paste from biostar website? 
  2. Could you help to demonstrate how to do data analysis with unix commend lines in terminal in the class, instead of just follow the book to copy and paste the commends lines into terminal? That will be more helpful and help us to learn how to use the commend to solve the problems. 

thanks a lot!

1 Answers Staff answered 1 year ago

I realize the 4/23 Chapter 4 session was not as helpful as it could have been. I hear you asking for more knowledge about all the parts of the command line. We want you to learn everything that is happening in a command line, not just do copy/paste or type it in without understanding.
So, this week we will combine content from Chapters 4 & 5 and go over command lines in detail so you know how to download data, transform data from one format to another, get summary statistics about sequence data and have a solid understanding of FASTA and FASTQ formatted data. Sound good?