Nexus Copy Number – Accelerating Copy Number Analysis Research (link is external)
Nexus Copy Number simplifies genetic aberration analysis with an elegant and simple user interface, efficient processing for rapid and automated analysis of thousands of arrays. It has a flexible design that accommodates user preferences such as custom annotation tracks, integration of custom databases (e.g. CNVs, genetic disorders), segmentation algorithm, and integration of miRNA and gene expression data. With detection of copy number and LOH events and flexibility in handling any commercial or custom array as well as any organism, Nexus Copy Number is the only solution you need for array based genetic aberration analysis.

Installation on an NIH-issued computer (desktop/laptop) requires administrative privileges.

System Requirements:
32-bit Platforms Supported: Windows Win7/8/10 • Minimum: 2 GB RAM • Recommended: 4 GB RAM
64-bit Platforms Supported: Windows Win7/8/10 / OSX / Linux • Minimum: 4 GB RAM • Recommended: 8 GB RAM

This is an NCI-licensed software based on a limited concurrent use license. Access may be limited on the number of users at any given time. NCI will periodically adjust the licensing based on usage.

Submit a request on the NCI at Your Service website.

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Nexus Expression – A new take on microarray gene expression analysis (link is external)
Nexus Expression is a new addition to the Nexus line of products for microarray data analysis. Nexus Expression is a solution that is computationally very powerful but simple to use by scientists for answering common research questions. The design objectives that are advantageous include:

  • A platform independent solution (support for all commercial platforms and custom arrays)
  • Efficient processing on a basic desktop computer (hundreds of high density arrays can be processed in one project)
  • A user-friendly interface designed for end-user researchers, not informaticians (no programming knowledge needed)

Nexus Expression provides an intuitive and streamlined approach to convert raw signal values into meaningful information by integrating sample phenotypes (e.g., disease stage, survival, age, sex, etc.) with gene annotations (e.g. GO terms). Users can effortlessly navigate large datasets and generate results with a few mouse clicks. Nexus Expression is platform agnostic so data from multiple commercial and custom platforms can be loaded, processed, and viewed with ease.