This course is offered by Partek, not BTEP, and is listed here for your convenience.

Date: December 9, 2021

Time: 2:00 PM


In 2021 Partek Flow has had sixteen new releases featuring improvements, optimizations, new tools, and increased functionality with more expected before the year ends. Join us for an online presentation to see some of the highlights in action.

Learn about:

  • New plots
    • bubble map
    • pie chart
    • similarity matrix
    • enrichment plot
  • New features on existing plots
    • drag-and-drop categorical axes
    • volcano plot search tool
    • export of the entire heatmap in high resolution
  • New batch removal
    • Seurat 3
    • Harmony
  • New normalization transformations
    • Scran
    • SCTransform
  • Additional pipelines
    • CellRanger
    • SpaceRanger
  • New Annotate Visium Image task for spatial transcriptomics
  • New cell-type classification by Garnett
  • New alignment-free RNA-Seq quantification by Salmon
  • New trajectory analysis tool: Monocle3

While not covered in this presentation, here are the other major features and improvements added in 2021:

  • New multiomics tools
    • WNN algorithm for multimodal single cell analysis
    • Pathway enrichment analysis on miRNA list
  • New DNA-Seq tools
    • MSI sensor
    • Pindel
    • Create consensus sequence
    • DeCon
    • SigProfiler
  • Differential analysis on meta-genomics data
  • New Agilent support
    • AGeNT Trimmer
    • Format variants for Alissa
    • Automatic upload to Alissa
    • SureSelect RNA-Seq pipeline
  • New alignment tools
    • STAR-fusion
  • File support
    • Seurat 4 objects
    • Import/export .h5ad files