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Answer for CSVKit issue in biowulf

No, you did not do anything wrong. This “WARNING” is a simple side-effect of the way that csvkit has been installed on Biowulf. It is just a warning and can safely be ignored. (The long story is that csvkit on...

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CSVKit issue in biowulf

Hi I was using csvkit in biowulf’s sinteractive session. Everytime when I use csvcut, a warning message pops out ‘WARNING: Bind mount ‘/data => /data’ overlaps container CWD...

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How to quickly activate bioinfo in biowulf?

I have installed the bioinfo package in my own data directory. Right now, every time when I open a new terminal window, I have to enter the two commands below [user@biowulf temp]$ source /data/$USER/conda/etc/profile.d/

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