You are invited to a Q & A session with a panel of bioinformatics analysts, most of whom were presenters at the BTEP NGS Workshop Series. The goal of this forum is to assist individuals who have encountered problems/issues attempting to analyze NGS data after having participated in one of the workshops earlier in the year.  We will also attempt to answer questions about bioinformatics software packages or tools licensed by CCR/NCI. Each attendee is requested to send in questions ahead of the event (this will increase the chances of having a suitable answer for your specific problem). Questions related to the same topic and/or pertaining to a similar theme will be summarized and/or generalized so as to benefit all attendees. If a question is not answered during the session, it will be forwarded to the most appropriate person/group/vendor to provide relevant followup. CCR Researchers who had registered for any of the sessions between January through June 2017 will be given preference for attending this event.

Representative examples of the types of questions that one could ask are mentioned below:

  • What are the most important metrics to rank/filter variants?
  • Which file formats work best for viewing NGS data in different genome browsers?
  • How would one assess the quality of RNA-Seq (or other NGS data) from starting material to final results?

Note: The panel will make every effort to answer all questions, and may even have slides/ visuals to aid in explaining the solution. Given the time frame and intent of this event, there will be no scope for a one-on-one consultation, demo of pipelines/ software applications, or review of data.

Date & Time: Tuesday, 27 June 2017 – 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Location:  B37, Rm 4041/4107