Which license should I get? Dataquest or Coursera?

If you are looking to learn programming from a beginner level or hone your existing programing skills, Dataquest is a good choice. Courses are laid out in a learning path that takes you from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels. Courses include programming in Python, R, SQL, Unix/Bash as well as Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Probability/Statistics.

On the Dataquest platform, you can work at your own pace through the content. There are no deadlines on your progress. With the Dataquest interactive learning platform, you will type in the commands as you learn and receive immediate feedback and assistance as needed. As you advance, you will be able to work on projects with real world data to apply your new skills. All Dataquest content is developed in-house at Dataquest.

If you’re looking for molecular biology, genomics or bioinformatics content however, Coursera is a good choice for you. This platform contains thousands of courses developed by experts all over the world. There are plenty of programming courses here as well. In Coursera, you are guided by videos as you go through the content.  Like Dataquest you type in the commands as your learn in an interactive window. When you sign up for a class, you are given weekly deadlines for completion of lessons, but you can add on more time as necessary to work at your own pace.

Both Dataquest and Coursera offer online course certificates on completion that you can add to your resume or CV.

Please choose which license you’d like to sign up for and complete the online application below. If you have questions about the licenses, please contact us at ncibtep@nih.gov

There is no cost to learners for these licenses.

In order to maximize usage of the licenses, we ask that you contact us if you will no longer be using the license. If there is no activity on your license for a period of time, it may be recycled to a new user. All of your progress on the platform will be saved and you can rejoin at any time.

To apply for a Dataquest license, please fill out the form here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2NPCBKT

Once your application has been processed (usually within 48 hours), you will receive an email invitation from Dataquest. Please check your email folders for this message.

If you’re interested in a Coursera license, please fill out the application here using your NIH email address.

You will receive an invitation email (usually within 48 hours) from Coursera when your license is ready. Please check all your email folders.

These Coursera and Dataquest licenses are for intramural NCI CCR personnel only.