Licenses to the Coursera and Dataquest learning platforms are available to NCI CCR researchers. There is no cost to learners for these licenses and you may hold both a Coursera and Dataquest license at the same time. However, in order to maximize usage of the licenses, we ask that you contact us if you will no longer be using the license. If there is no usage on your license for a period of time, it may be recycled to a new user. All of your progress on the platform will be saved and you can rejoin at any time. Any questions please email

The CCR Office of Science and Technology Resources (OSTR) has purchased licenses for the online learning platform Dataquest to help CCR scientists learn programming skills in Unix Command Line, R and Python at all levels, from beginning to advanced. Please see here for the Dataquest course catalog.

To apply for a license, please fill out the form here:

Then, create a free account on with your NIH email address.

Once your application has been processed, you will see an invite to join the NCI/CCR team when you log into Dataquest.

The NIH Data Science Training Coordination team is providing licenses to NIH personnel on Coursera, an online platform with nearly 4000 courses in bioinformatics, data science, and more! Courses are recorded and can be taken on your own time and at your own pace.

If you’re interested in a license, please fill out the application at:

You will be contacted about your license. FYI there is currently a waitlist for these licenses. We are working on purchasing more licenses.

For those interested in bioinformatics, here are some recommended course specializations. Each specialization consists of 7 to 8 courses, including a capstone project.