BTEP maintains several Question and Answer Forums of interest to the NCI/CCR community.
Currently, there are forums on these topics:

Coursera Study Groups for NCI Coursera License Holders

ChIP-Seq Data Analysis Topics include Replicates, Peak calling and analyses, Pipelines and QC, Library ChIP preparation, Control Types and more.

Single Cell RNA-Seq Topics include using Cell Ranger (10x Genomics), Batch Correction, Experimental Design, Cell Numbers, Expression Profiling and more.

How to ask a question:
1. You must have a BTEP account to ask a question in the forums. Please go to My Account to create an account. If you have registered for BTEP classes in the past you already have an account and just need to sign in.
2. Ask your question here: Ask Question. Give a Title for your Question, put your detailed question in Description and Select a Category (Coursera Study Groups, ChIP-Seq or Single Cell RNA-Seq) for your question – this determines the forum for your question.

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