Course Details

  • Date: February 20th, 2020 - February 20th, 2020
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Location: Building 37, Room 4041/4107
  • Presenter(s): Yana Stackpole (Qlucore)

Attendance at this hands-on workshop will be limited to 20 people.

NCI/CCR: To get access to Qlucore, put a request into NCI at Your Service under Get Help Help

Afternoon session (1-3PM) – hands-on training session using gene expression data, more advanced, and  for anyone interested  to learn how Qlucore can help them with gene expression data, and to get hands-on experience with plots commonly visualization and analysis tools (bring your laptops so you can follow along, we will provide the license access)

The training includes the following hands-on exercises (bring your laptops – must be a govt-issued laptop to get on the network):

  1. Import data
  2. Getting around user interface
  3. Building and configuring Heatmaps, PCA, Box plot, Volcano plot, Venn diagram
  4. Statistical tests in GUI (two group, multi group, regressions)
  5. Saving results
  6. Exploratory data analysis
  7. Functional analysis using GSEA and integration with other knowledge bases
  8. Clustering
  9. Machine learning

Due to the hands-on aspect of this class, WebEx will not be provided.