Course Details

  • Date: September 26th, 2019 - September 26th, 2019
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Location: Bldg 37, NIH, Rm 2041/2107
  • Presenter(s): Yana Stackpole (Qlucore)

Qlucore Omics Explorer is an interactive analysis and visualization tool that helps the user to find groups, structures, variable networks and discriminating variables. You can use your own data and analyze public data. Omics Explorer supports 3D PCA plots, t-SNE plots, heat maps with hierarchical clustering, scatter plots, volcano plots, box plots etc. A number of statistical methods are included, like t-test, F-test (ANOVA) and different regressions tests. Plots are dynamically updated as filters change and analysis is done, which allows a very interactive exploration to test out new hypothesizes. Omics Explorer has an interface which makes it possible to use statistical functions created in “R” from inside Omics Explorer, so that you can use external statistical methods implemented in “R”. With machine learning algorithms (kNN, SVM and Random Trees) classification of samples in new data sets is simplified. The product has an inbuilt Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) workbench for pathway analysis, a direct interface to GEO and an inbuilt Gene Ontology browser. The product has an import wizard to simplify data import. Aligned BAM files (RNA-seq) and microarray files (.cel files) can be directly imported, normalized and log transformed through import pipelines, and GEO soft files can be directly imported. Through Qlucore Templates, based on “Python”, you can create analysis workflows and also customize integrations, like the TCGA mRNA dataset download Template that comes preinstalled.

Qlucore NGS module is an optional add-on module to Qlucore Omics Explorer. The main components of the NGS module are an interactive and fast Genome Browser for many samples and many tracks per sample, a genome filter control component, a Project Manager for project set-up and an inbuilt Variant Caller for short indels and variants. Utilizing the existing functionality in Qlucore Omics Explorer for expression data and combining it with the functionality in Qlucore NGS Browser enables significantly increased analysis options.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019
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